Mirvac Riverside Quay – End Of Trip Facilities by AlphaPCM

Situated within the shared basement of the four (4) building office portfolio in their existing Riverside Quay (RSQ) precinct, Mirvac sought to improve these assets by upgrading the End of Trip (EOT) facilities and other basement works.

The project was undertaken in various stages, while maintaining the use of the existing EOT facilities and amenities. Coordination with existing retail and commercial tenant dry and cold storage facilities was also key to the successful logistical exercise of retaining business operations throughout.

Adding complexity to the project, was the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 circumstances in Melbourne. Other basement works included signage, lighting & car park lift lobbies.

Architect - Architectus
Services - Intrax
Structural - Robert Bird Group
Building Surveyor - PLP Building Surveyors

Size/ Value
April 2020

AlphaPCM Services:

  • Project Management
  • Superintendent
  • Planning & Programming
  • Design Management
  • Value Management